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Temps in Tech

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What’s it like working for those ‘cool’ tech companies with the free cafeterias and ping pong tables?

Not so great, if you’re one of the thousands of temp and subcontracted employees working alongside the permanent ones. For temps in tech, it’s a very different experience.

New research by Temp Worker Justice and the National Employment Law Project interviewed temp and subcontracted workers at some of the biggest tech companies. We found:

  • 95% do some of the same work as permanent employees

  • 77% have been “temps” for more than a year

  • 69% were misled about the terms and conditions of their employment

  • 31% experience discrimination

Read our full report, including workers' quotes and stories here: Temps in Tech.

See USA Today’s coverage from 8/20/2021.

Are you a temp worker in tech? Take our temp worker survey to get connected to the national movement for workers’ rights!


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