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Regardless of the work they do, all temp workers have less of a voice in the workplace, and see less of the value of the work returned to them. The joint employment relationship that splits responsibilities between temporary staffing agencies and host employers creates inherent issues.

Temporary employees, with the same skills and experience, earn an average of 22% less pay for the same work - and usually receive no benefits of any kind. Additionally, in some industries, 9 out of 10 workers report incidence of wage theft and no ability to recover what they are owed. SEE MORE >>>>

Temporary employees spend less in the economy, delay having a family, and are twice as likely to receive taxpayer-funded assistance. Agencies create unregulated, artificial barriers to direct employment that discourage businesses from hiring temps on permanently, profiting more the longer workers remain "temporary."  SEE MORE >>>>

Temp workers in higher hazard industries are twice as likely to be seriously injured on the job than permanent employees doing the same work. And, there are few consequences for staffing agencies when their employees are hurt or killed. SEE MORE >>>>

It is more difficult for temporary workers to exercise their rights than their direct-hire counterparts in the same workplaces. This makes them more vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, and unfair treatment. 31 states have laws making it harder for them to claim the same benefits, while just a few states extend even basic protections. SEE MORE >>>>

When workers apply at a temp agency, or businesses look to hire an agency, they have no way of knowing which agencies have the best records, and which have the worst. Workers are often misled about opportunities and timelines for conversion to permanent work.  SEE MORE >>>>

Current interpretation of the law makes it more difficult for temporary workers to join unions or form their own. But, unions and temporary workers have achieved successes for union members and temporary workers when they've organized together. SEE MORE >>>>

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