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The use of temporary employees is a reality for many companies who are struggling to stay competitive, not to mention resource-strapped nonprofits and public agencies. Reliance on temporary staffing agencies is also a reality for many workers, particularly vulnerable workers, seeking to enter or re-enter the job market.  But staffing agencies differ widely, and irresponsible staffing agency practices can lead to miscommunication about employer responsibilities, gaps in safety training, and barriers to permanent employment.


This prompts the question: what can well-intentioned employers do to ensure that they are:

(1) working with reputable agencies; 
(2) aligning their workplace practices with their organizational values to promote better outcomes for workers; and 
(3) developing, retaining, and hiring the best workers into their permanent workforce for the success of their organizations?

Temp Worker Justice and the Contract Fairness Project are working with partners in staffing to develop a staffing services contract that promotes responsible employment practices in the temporary staffing industry. With input and support from employers and high-road staffing agencies, this standardized set of principles and terms will promote better outcomes in the industry as a whole.  Agencies that are willing to use the standard contract terms may also gain a certification from a labor coalition and have greater access to socially responsible clients.


Temp Worker Justice and leaders in more ethical staffing can work together to reach:

  • Workforce Development Agencies

  • State & Local Government

  • Unions (with temp workers in their shops)

  • Educational Institutions

  • Progressive Organizations

  • Non-profits

  • Refugee Resettlement Centers

  • Private Sector Employers Eager to Grow Their Incumbent Workforce

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